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Seattle has a great plan for spending (more of) your money

Seattle is trying to ride to the rescue on someone else’s horse by adding a surtax for wealthy residents.  The rational – as always – is fairness.  It’s obviously not fair that wealth is not as equally distributed as we would like and therefore we must shuffle some money from the bank accounts of those more fortunate to make those funds available to help those who are less fortunate.

A Superior Judge had blocked the tax, ruling it outside the legal bounds of that state’s tax regulations.  Attorneys for the city plan on appealing.

When I saw this news item, I thought it was a perfect snapshot of the stereotypical liberal attitudes not to mention another example of the glaring difference between the two halves of the electorate in the Unites States.  One half is looking expectantly towards a lowering of tax rates, a simplification of tax brackets and procedures, and aggressive moves tax-wise to repatriate corporate funds back to the country.  They belong loosely in the “Government is not good at doing stuff so let me keep more of my own money” camp.

The other half believes seemingly in a world of endlessly increasing taxation with the goal, presumably, of funding every initiative they deem to fix or change or solve every social issue.  They can reasonably lumped into the “Why does anyone need that much money so make them pay more so we have the funds we need to fix the problems of the world” camp.

The underlying framework of having each State steer much of it’s own course and allowing citizens to reside where they feel the government influence or lack thereof is more aligned with their own personal philosophy should work.  It breaks down when one group isn’t satisfied with what they believe, they insist that you believe it too.

I saw article on Fox News by Barnini Chakraborty. @BarniniFBN

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