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Guess what? Your choices for President are just going to get worse.

Try for a moment to strip yourself of all your per-existing biases and opinions about President Donald Trump.  I know this is hard.  For most people he evokes strong feelings.  Some feel he can do not wrong, others feel he can do no right.  But I would like to ‘lift out’ a particular area of concern that has nothing to do with his policies, political leanings, or any personal flaws you ascribe to him.

He is a business man.  Again, give yourself intellectual permission to ignore any personal bias you have about him and imagine a ‘generic business’ man or woman in his place.

One criticism I hear repeatedly is that he cannot be trusted to faithfully and ethically execute the duties of his office because of his wide-reaching business entanglements and connections around the globe.

So what are we saying?  We don’t want anyone running for President that has any real-world experience?  We don’t want anyone worldly and connected?  That’s absurd.

Does that mean that we only want candidates running who have no other qualification or experience beyond running for public office?  Line up the career politicians and take your pick?

I hope you’re happy, because you’ve scared off quality Presidential candidates for the foreseeable future.  Nice work.  You know who you are.

And if you add to that quasi-precedent the unmitigated assault that candidates receive by their opponents in government, in traditional media, and in social media echo chambers, then we will pretty much scare away any qualified applicants forever more.  What capable soul would step up to the challenge knowing the blunt force trauma awaiting their personal reputation, their family, their career and professional accomplishments?

Okay, now you can go back to Trump.

It seems pretty clear to me, that when the animosity of your opponents reaches a certain level that they are no longer capable or at least no longer interested in confining their criticisms to one’s platform, positions, and policies.  Everything is on the table.  And it doesn’t even matter is they contradict themselves with the same breath.

For instance, Trump is at once criticized for having policies that are too nationalist and isolationist, and yet we’re also told he cannot be trusted because he has intricate business interests all over the world.

It’s fun to watch.  It’s exasperating at times.  But it certainly means that the quality of future candidates (and therefore Presidents) will be going down, not up.  So for every ‘over-reacher’ out there: I hope you’re happy.

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