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Can’t the President confide in anyone? 

In my experience watching Senate and other such public hearings, it seems obvious that the goal for most politicians when participating is to score points with an aggressive attack or some cleverly crafted labyrinthine question designed to have no possible answer.

Welcome to what Donald Trump and his messaging team refer to as “The Swamp”.  Get in power / stay in power.

What’s  bothering me now is this damning of witnesses who refuse to discuss conversations they had directly with the President.

Did the President tell you this?  Did the President ask you to do that?

They’ll be asked a question, refuse to answer –  explaining that they do not feel it’s appropriate to divulge conversations between them and their boss which they feel should remain private.

They are then attacked for supposedly invoking Executive Privilege without grounds.  Or they are told that only the President can invoke this privilege and he has not.

I have two simple objections to this.

  1. The President can’t invoke executive privilege on something until he knows what the something IS. Essentially, a witness can’t  get any direction from the President ahead of time regarding a question that you JUST ASKED NOW.
  2. My other and bigger beef with these criticisms is my simple belief that the President, with an the responsibilities and burdens that come with the role DESERVES the ability to seek out guidance and input from anyone he chooses without worry that those conversations will become public the moment his political opponents seem it advantageous.

I think the public is better served when the commander in chief in surrounded by a diverse range of ideas and inputs complimented with the freedom to ‘soundboard’ ideas and strategies without having to consider that every morsel will be dissected and plucked out of context to inflict future easy  political wounds.

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