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Great way to discuss movies

I am a huge movie buff.  I love movies and I watch EVERYTHING.  I can watch a movie critically, but I’m also pretty forgiving and tend to like all but the very worst films.
Of course, as fan, I love to talk about movies all the time too.  One of the problems with discussing movies with friends and family is that you eventually end up wanting to ask something like:
 What’s your favorite <genre> movie?
That’s ends up being a nearly impossible question to answer.  What’s your favorite Science Fiction movie?  What’s your favorite Action movie?  I mean c’mon.  There are simply too many movie that we love for dozens of reasons and to rank them, to choose one above the others is agonizing and sometimes can just shut the conversation down since you can’t move forward.
So I have a great way to discuss movies that eliminates that problem.  And here it is…
Instead of starting with a movie, first select an actor or actress.  Does not need to be a major celebrity, just someone the other person knows.
With that selection in mind then have your friend tell you their three picks for the following:
What’s your favorite movie they’ve been in?
What the best movie they’ve been in?
What’s the movie you feel they did their best acting in?
So now, we’re not having to choose one movie over another and the conversation is actually really fun and often a lot more interesting and in depth as one feels compelled to explain their choices.
Let me run through then once more in slightly more detail.
What’s your favorite movie they’ve been in?
Any role, big or small, of the movie they’ve been in pick your personal favorite for any reason.
What’s the best movie they’ve been in ?
This would usually be the best reviewed or most critically acclaimed movie in which they’ve appeared.  Hint: If they played a lamp post in Gone With The Wind, that’s probably the best movie they’ve been in.
In which movie do you think they did their best acting?
This is my favorite category.  There are plenty of examples of excellent acting even in relatively minor roles or obscure movies.
I hope you will try this next time you are discussing movies with your friends.
Let me know what you think and feel free to comment on your own choices in the comments.

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