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5 Steps to Growing ANY Business

1. Get more customers

This is marketing, advertising, branding, market growth,

2. Get more of them to actually buy something. 

Good sales practices, correct product and pricing for market

3. Be more profitable on those deals. 

Yes cost control, but also ethically expanding the sale.

4. Get them to buy more often, more regularly. 

Excellence in service and experience, satisfaction, loyalty programs, are we simply asking and inviting our customers to return to us

5. Get them to bring us more business in the form of references and referrals. 

Vital to growing any business.  When we have a satisfied customer that already likes us and trusts us enough to exchange their hard-earned money for our goods or services, we NEED to convert them into a referral engine.  Someone out in the marketplace driving more potential customer to us so we can start the cycle over again.

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