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Kingston Coffee House – Mini Review

I hadn’t intended to write review of this coffee place when I get here, but here I sit at the Kingston Coffee House, located in the Kingston Center in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Not a bad writing session.  I was able to setup and bang out a few quick posts.  Coffee and service was good today.

I came in yesterday and wasn’t quite ‘feeling it’.  That might have been on me.  I didn’t feel comfortable.  I didn’t even bother to get their WiFi password last time.

Today, as I placed my order, I was asked if I needed the code.  I was handed a small pre-printed slip of paper with the code and a note that said if was valid for only one hour.

I’m not sure how necessary that restriction is.  I don’t profess to know what their internet costs are or if they have a big problem with people over-staying their welcome.

I can say that on a Friday morning and a Saturday morning, the seating was only 10-15% filled.

Having been an observer of and consultant to businesses for many years, I can say that my gut tells me they are hurting their business more than helping.

How about no time restriction, but if staff feels someone is really lingering, then a polite approach with a few suggestions for treats, snacks, another coffee.  This simple move with usually get another purchase from the customer or apply a gentle social pressure to move along.

But the folks that might otherwise be inclined to dig in and stay for a couple hours – ordering two or three beverages and maybe a snack, may now be disincentived.  They may choose instead to have their one coffee, do their one hour of work and then head somewhere else…

Just like I’m about to do.

ironic update:

I wasn’t able to upload this post when I’d finished writing it, because their one hour internet limit ended just a few seconds before I’d completed.  Of course it did.

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