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Menitation – Part 1 “Intro” 

In this series, I’m going to take the first few steps towards what will hopefully mature into a movement with the goal of effecting a genuine improvement in real men’s everyday lives.

The primary goal of this jungle expedition is to reveal and acknowledge the tremendous acute stress shouldered by many of today’s men and to help them machete a path through to a calm quiet clearing of lasting peace and well-being.

I am a man.  I will be writing from man’s perspective.  I have only lived as a man and therefore my life experiences are that of a man’s.

I state the obvious above, because I am not going to take any particular cautions when exploring this topic to remain politically correct or sensitive to a woman’s point of view.  I am not capable of a woman’s point of view.

To be clear, this ham-handed caveat is not intended to be snarky, or anti-woman, or confrontational, or controversial.

But I sincerely believe that for today’s man to successfully tackle the dangers of stress and find a lasting peace and balance between our societal burdens and our deserved well-being, then each man needs to be able to express himself freely in his own voice.

People differ and men are varied.  We each have our own backgrounds and upbringing.  We each have our own opinions, biases, cultures, religions, and much much more that lift us up as singular and unique.

What we explore here together in this movement may not apply to all men.  Or it may not apply to you right now.  I invite everyone to come along with me, participate as the mood strikes you, and take from the trip what you can.

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