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Sometimes the biggest mouths have the least to say

Here’s a quick pet peeve.  Watch any news channel and you won’t have to wait long until you hear the phrase:

I hope this starts a conversation about…

It doesn’t matter what topic is being discussed.  One of the panelists (usually the most opinionated and most offended) says it first.

You are having a conversation about it – it’s happening right now.  Why don’t you try saying something intelligent and moving the conversation forward.

If you haven’t formed an opinion, are disinterested, or uninformed on the topic then say so and sit this one out.

But to simply add that you want a wider conversation… C’mon.

This is your chance, you have the microphone, it’s your turn.  What do you think?  Speak.

It seems like such a cop-out.

I now mentally file it along with other vapid preambles like:

At the end of the day…

Listen, what’s important here…

Let’s play Hardball…


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