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Should’a Said: Roy Moore and Army/Navy Game

Note: There is disclaimer below this content.

Roy Moore caught much flack in the media for being absent from his home state in the homestretch before the election because he left to attend the Army/Navy football game in another state.

I would have advised him to hold a quick press conference and

Here’s what he should’a said:

As has been reported, I will be leaving Alabama in order to go enjoy the Army/Navy football game.

I was proud to serve in the Army during Vietnam and I intend to go cheer on my team.

While my critics will attack me – as usual – for being absent during this important time, let’s be honest…

The media has made up their minds.

My opponent is trucking in outsiders in the hopes of swaying Alabamians. Hollywood celebrities are posting videos in the hopes of swaying Alabamians.

But me… I trust the people of Alabama.

I trust them to make the right decision.

I put in the hard work for many years in our great state to build a reputation that I’m confident the people of Alabama understand and recognize.

They don’t need me here breathing into a cluster of microphones to know what they already know.

I’m confident we will win this race for the good of all Alabamians and I’m confident my team’s gonna give ’em hell. Go Army!

And then, just walk off stage.



One of the reasons I enjoy following politics and the corresponding media coverage is to observe the messaging strategies that are employed.  I often find myself saying: “What they should’a said  is….”  And so I’ve began this series of “Should’a saids”.  As today’s landscape is full of trolls and haters, I will state clearly alongside each entry the following:

  • I contribute from a messaging perspective only
  • I am not endorsing or condemning any person, opinion, or ideology
  • Ascribing anything more to my intentions is without merit.

Okay, that’s covered.

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