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Rant: Stop directing traffic!

Getting grumpy at people who are trying to be charitable feels wrong.  But when drivers decide to stop following normal road rules and common behavior they inadvertently create very dangerous situations.

I get nervous whenever I see a car stop in the middle of otherwise free-flowing traffic so they can wave someone else across.  And they literally wave.  You can see their hand furiously flapping directions.

I know they are just trying to be nice and create an opening for their fellow road warrior, but it’s really an ignorant and reckless move.

The other car, seeing the gap and encouraged by the amateur traffic cop may turn directly into other oncoming traffic not aware that the rules have been temporarily suspended because of one Samaritan’s good intentions.

If the other car happens to be driven by a less experienced or nervous driver, they may assume the frantic waving is an indication of some kind of “all clear” signal.

I strongly urge everyone to ignore this well-intentioned urge to “let people through”.  Don’t start directing traffic on your own.

When you follow the flow of traffic  and the established rules of the road, then everyone else around you can make reasonable predictions and assumptions of how you will be proceeding.

It’s when you step outside these norms to do someone a quick favor that people’s lives at put in danger.

Be safe out there.  See you on the roads.

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